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Another massacre in Aleppo: 35 children killed in air strike on school

Some 35 school children were killed on 30 April 2014 when Syrian regime war planes dropped a bomb on their school in Aleppo. The headmistress of Ein Jalout School was also killed in the strike, while tens of teachers and parents were injured.

The following video shows the bodies of some of the dead children lying on the ground of a local hospital:

The massacre took place minutes before the opening of an exhibition showcasing some the school’s children’s drawings about the impact of the war, which was organised by local charities. The following video shows some of the drawings as well as the destruction of the school:



The Ein Jalout massacre was not only another war crime against the civilians of Aleppo, it was also a breach of a recent ceasefire agreement between regime and opposition forces in the city. According to the terms of the agreement, opposition forces would connect electricity to regime-controlled areas in Aleppo, in exchange for regime forces not targeting civilians in opposition-held areas. But as the massacre was a clear breach of the agreement, the rebels say. So, in retaliation, they fired a number of mortars on regime positions in the city and cut off electricity to some districts under the regime’s control.

How can anyone trust this regime? How can Ayatollah Khamenei still bet on it?




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