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The Kalashnikov is dead!

kalashMikhail Kalashnikov, the Russian general who invented the Kalashnikov in 1974, has died. But his legacy lives on, certainly in Syria. For the popular automatic rifle, also known as AK-74, features on the flags of Hezbollah Lebanon and Sepah Pasdaran, both of which are fighting alongside the Syrian regime inside Syria. At least the Hezbollah flag has been spotted waving on frontlines in Syria.

Despite taking pride in his invention, Mikhail Kalashnikov is quoted to have once said his weapon was designed “to protect his motherland, not to be used by terrorists or thugs.” It is “a weapon of defence, not a weapon for offence.”[1] That is certainly not how it is used in the hands of Hezbollah and Sepah Pasdaran, not to mention Kalashnikov’s government, which has been arming the Syrian regime against Syrians defending their motherland against these “terrorists and thugs”, to use Kalashnikov’s words.


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