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Heavy air strikes on Yabrud to facilitate Hezbollah Lebanon’s troops entering the besieged Syrian town

A short video showing the destruction caused by a Syrian regime air strike on the main market in Yabroud.


See also this short video showing a barrel bomb being dropped by a regime helicopter on a residential are in Yabroud:


The Assad forces and Hezbollah Lebanon fighters have so far failed to enter Yabroud, partly due to the geographical nature of the area (it is surrounded by mountains) and partly due to the sustained resistance they have faced from the Free Syrian Army. So their tactic now seems to be besieging the town and subjecting it to heavy, indiscriminate areal bombardment, in the hope that the opposition fighters would eventually get out of their shelters, or that the civilian residents would ask them to leave when they can no longer cope with the brutal air strikes targeting their homes.

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