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Hezbollah is ‘hiding’ its Syria martyrs’ corpses to not admit greater losses

A big number of [corpses of] Hezbollah members who were killed in al-Qusayr are still in corpse refrigerators and Hezbollah cannot take them out. It is important to distinguish between the Shia and Hezbollah, because many honourable [Shiites] are opposed to Hezbollah and strongly refuse to send their sons to participate in the killing of the Syrian people. So the party [Hezbollah] has found itself in a trap. Families [of martyrs] are told their sons are in Southern Lebanon, at the border with Israel. That’s why there are more than 175 corpses in refrigerators in Hasbayya since the Qusayr battle, and the party cannot tell their families about them.

Abu Uday, Free Syrian Army commander

Source: Interview with Al-Hayat newspaper, 28 April 2014,

History teaches us that the truth cannot be hidden from people for long. It’s time that the Shia communities in Lebanon and Iran realise that Syria is fast becoming the Vietnam of Iran and Hezbollah.

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