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Sepah Pasdaran commander: Iranian support kept al-Assad in power

497CF999-8A72-44AB-B18A-8D17BCC4188B_mw1024_n_s“86 world countries stood and said the Syrian government should be changed and Bashar Assad should go, but they failed because Iran’s view was to the contrary, and they were eventually defeated, The US secretary of state has very explicitly acknowledged that they have failed and the scene has changed as desired by Iran and Hezbollah.”
Brigadier General Amir Ali Hajizadeh, Commander of the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps’ Aerospace Force


The Brigadier General seems to live on another planet. Sepah Pasdaran and their foot soldiers in Syria, Hezbollah and Iraqi militias, are aggressors against a people seeking freedom and such shameful intervention is nothing the Iranian officials like the Brigadier General can boast about. Syria has become Iran’s Vietnam. On the long run it is a war Sepah pasdaran and Hezbollah will inevitably lose.

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