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Share everywhere, especially in Iran!

NaameShaam_logoThis is a call for everyone to like our posts and share them as widely as possible, and to invite all their friends and contacts to do the same, especially those inside Iran.

This is not a self-promotion thing – we are anonymous and are not doing this for fame or money. The reason we are seeking more publicity is that we want more and more people to become aware of what our government is doing in Syria. We want Iranians to question Sepah Pasdaran’s support of Bashar al-Assad’s regime. We want this senseless killing in Syria to end.

So if you can think of anyone who might be, or should be, interested, please send them a Facebook invite, a private message, email or tweet and ask them to check out Naame Shaam and promote it. Also, if you are connected to any other communication channels (print, radio, TV, online), especially inside Iran, please do the same. And by all means re-use and spread any content you find important/interesting on Naame Shaam in any way you find appropriate.

Thank you.





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