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What are Syrians saying about Geneva 2?

The Syrian Center for Studies and Polling has conducted a large survey of Syrians’ opinions about “the prospects of a political solution” coming out of the forthcoming Geneva II conference. The survey involved two polls, one online (through social media), in which 12,040 people participated, and the other on the ground in various parts of Syria, in which 1,073 participated.

Most participants were in favour of a political solution, but the majority considered that the departure of Al-Assad and his assistants was part of this solution. Most participants were also in favour of one delegation representing the Syrian people at the Geneva II conference, rather than multiple delegations representing the various opposition factions. The most surprising finding of the poll – or unsurprising, perhaps – was that the great majority of the participants were “pessimistic” about the expected outcomes of Geneva II. More than 90% believed the conference will not result in any solution and that it would, at best, be a prolonged negotiation process that will only allow the regime to live longer.

Source: Syrian Center for Studies and Polling


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