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Zarshenas: ‘Iranian economy should be in the hands of Sepah Pasdaran’


“The strategic bottleneck of economy should not be in any hand other than Sepah Pasdaran’s … Sepah’s economic authority should be strengthened so that of secular players in Iranian economy become restricted.”

Shahriar Zarshenas, a socio-political theorist close to Iranian conservatives


Perhaps someone should remind Mr Zarshenas that the Iranian economy has been in the grip of Sepah Pasdaran for a long while now: Sepah or its affiliates are the sole winners of most profitable oil-related contracts in the country; they control import-export and they have a considerable say in many other economic issues. And take a look at the result: inflation, devaluation of our currency, rising unemployment and lack of affordable housing. Furthermore, in parallel with the huge amount of money spent on the nuclear programme, Sepah Pasdaran’s funding of Syrian dictator Bashar al-Assad and Hezbollah Lebanon is putting even a heavier pressure on Iranian people, who are already suffering because of Western sanctions. How can one imagine more economic authority for Sepah? And what disaster can possibly this ‘full control’ lead to?

Source: Borhan Website, 22 February 2014,


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