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How Hezbollah’s al-Manar ‘reported’ what happened in Qaboun, Damascus

Hezbollah Lebanon’s Al-Manar TV ‘reported’ on Wednesday that “Syrian army units” had “carried out accurate operations against terrorists” in the Damascus district of Al-Qaboun and several other areas across the country, adding that the units “killed dozens, destroyed their weapons and foiled infiltration attempts.”

WHAT REALLY HAPPENED, according to the Syrian ‘Eyewitness from the Heart of the Event’ Facebook page, is that armed opposition forces stormed a building near the Electricity Company in Al-Qaboun and killed the regime sniper that had been based there and shooting at passers-by. Regime forces then retaliated by bombarding the area, killing an unknown number of people.

As is often the case, Al-Manar’s ‘report’ is based on dispatches from the Syrian state news agency SANA, yet unfounded statements are used uncritically and presented as facts, and without using quotation marks.

And as usual, the report – about Syria, a neighbouring country that Hezbullah claims it does not interfere in – is signed by a “Local Editor”!!


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