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Desperate, defiant messages to al-Assad and Iran from Aleppo barrel bomb victims

Watch this video in which the residents of the Sha’ar district in Aleppo send desperate yet defiant messages, shortly after their neighbourhood saw some of the worst waves of barrel-bomb bombardment in the last three months on 4 April 2014.

Various people come randomly to the camera and shout desperate and angry sentences, all wanting to “send a message to Bashar al-Assad, Iran and other countries that support him, and the criminals who will elect him”.

One man says: “Bashar al-Assad, we will tear you and your regime and Iran into pieces like these [corpses].”

Another, old man says: “These are all civilians. You are killing children, God damn you. Those who are electing him are killing our children and women…”

And a little later, the same man says: “It’s Friday today. People were going to prayers. You hit them while they were going to prayers, you infidel! You want us to elect you? We will damn you and your father instead.”

And another: “Palestinians should thank God that they have Israel and not Bashar. Look what Bashar is doing to us and look what Israel is doing to you.”

And then a younger man: “We will tread on you, we will tread on you. We swear to God we will tread on you.”


Source: Noor Media Centre

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