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Nasrallah: ‘We will not change our position on Syria’

The Lebanese Hezbollah’s leader Hassan Nasrallah gave a speech on Friday during the commemoration of Hezbollah’s commander Hassan Lakkis – who was assassinated by unknown gunmen at his home in Lebanon in early December – in which he claimed Hezbollah wanted to form a “national unity government” in Lebanon. However, Mr Nasrallah added: “Whatever you say and do… this will not change our position regarding the Syria question. Because the Syria question for us is a battle for existence, not a battle for privileges.”

In a another speech during the Ashuraa procession a few days before, Mr Nasrallah had said: “Our existence in Syria, the existence of our fighters on Syrian land – as we have said on many occasions – is aimed at defending Lebanon, defending Palestine and the Palestinian cause, and defending Syria, the cradle and backbone of resistance… Those who talk about Hezbollah’s withdrawal from Syria as a precondition for forming a Lebanese government in the current phase, they are posing a hopeless condition… They should know that we do not trade the existence of Syria [read: under the Assad rule]… for a few ministerial bags in a Lebanese government that may not be of any use.”

At least things are clear now. In the beginning Hezbollah was denying any involvement in Syria. Then, when undeniable evidence of Hezbollah fighters fighting in Syria surfaced, they said they were there to protect the shrine of Sayyeda Zaynab and the Shia in Syria. Then it was about Sunni jihadists and the dangers these posed to the ‘resistance’. Now it’s a “battle for existence.” This is quite true, however, because without the Syrian regime’s support (and the Iranian regime behind it, of course), Hezbollah will disappear in no time.

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