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Posters of Hezbollah’s Syria ‘martyrs’ fill Beirut streets

03 04 02 01Naame Shaam’s correspondent in Beirut had a little tour of several predominately Shia districts in the Lebanese capital last week. In one area, near the Amiliyeh school, within just 20 meters he saw posters of three Hezbolah and one Amal ‘martyrs’ who had died in Syria. Local residents confirmed that to him. Here are the photos he sent us.


Everyone knows that, if the Assad regime falls, the Iranian arms shipments to Hezbollah Lebanon are likely to stop and Hezbollah will no longer be the ‘threatening deterrence’ that it used to be. The Iranian regime will be, or at least feel, more threatened. So the Iranian regime’s army in Lebanon (i.e. Hezbollah) must remain a frightening deterrent force at whatever cost. The result is: ordinary Lebanese and Iraqi Shiites are dying in Syria so that Ayatollah Khamenei can one day have his nuclear bomb.

In other words, Sepah Pasdaran will fight until the last Lebanese and Iraqi Shiite so as to keep its mighty deterrent force, Hezbollah, alongside Israel’s northern border. Setting up Hezbollah was never about liberating South Lebanon or Palestine. It was all about deterrence and creating the best possible power balance that will one day allow the Iranian regime to build nuclear bombs to guarantee its survival.

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